Sorry, but this contest has been won and  the prize is no longer available. try the next one for only 25 cents and get a chance to be in the next issue of Bob the Guy!

 Welcome To Games and Contests!

This contest is for the first person who can answer these questions completely and correctly. the winner gets a two month 50% off coupon for the online store (anything you buy ffom the online store within the two month time period will be 50% off). you cannot use two coupons at once. If no one gets the answer right, I will draw a name  out of a hat. please do your best.
THERE ARE NO TRICK QUESTIONS (only one exception: Question # _)
Good Luck!

1. How many issues of The Adventures of Bob The Guy are there?
2. Which issue is  titled "The Adventures of Bob The Guy Issue _: The Paper shredder
3. How many issues have The Toaster in them?
4. Who is the love of Bob's life (NOT a trick question)
5. Has Bob ever taken off his hat?
6.What does the text on the right say?
7. Which of these questions is a trick question?
8. Who does bob hate more than anything? (Surprisingly, It is not an appliance.)
9. unscramble these words: eht serutneva fo bob eht yug
10. When Bob thinks about unicorns, what is it saying? "Play with __ ___!"