You can have a chance to be in the next issue of The Adventures of Bob the Guy for only a 25 cent entry fee! Just finish these puzzles and fill out the form to the right. be sure to include your desired method of payment and a quick sketch of your face so I know how to draw you. you must answer ALL of these questions to qualify

this is the first section of the puzzle. I have taken three close-up pictures of something, and posted them here. Your job is to figure out what picture is what.

Photo #1

Photo #2

 Photo #3


This is the second section of the puzzles. Search "How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood" on Google Images, then select "Black & White only".

A Black T shirt with white writing on it will appear several times. The white text on the T-Shirt is in a different language. What does that text say in English?

Puzzle #2 search "If a monkey ate some pie, what would the results be?" on Google images. Select "green only". A cafe is mentioned on the FIRST page. What cafe is that?

Now Send your answers in, and once i have a total of 5 or more people with correct answers, I will choose! If you get a question incorrect, i will send your submission back and tell you what questions were wrong.

Thanks for playing!